The Destiny of the Darcy Kids
Based on Lorcan Darcy's Adventures
Starring Cillian Darcy
Niall Wright
Jordan Brown
Richard Wisker
Leanne Dunstan
Shannon Flynn
Kia Pegg
Bobby Rainbury
Dani Harmer
Darragh Mortell
Montanna Thompson

The Destiny of the Darcy Kids is the drama adventure film and marks the conclusion of the Prequel Arc of Lorcan Darcy's Adventures.

  • This movie marks the debut of Rex, Max, Danielle, Sky, Tripp, Gerald and Elly Darcy as Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly's half-siblings.
  • This film also marks the first appearance of Eadaoin Darcy as the former secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Nicola Reynolds appears as Shelley Appleton as the hidden main antagonist of the film.
  • This film marks the final appearance of Cillian Darcy, Tracy Beaker, Crash Daniels, Layla, Justine Littlewood, Jackie Hopper, Marco, Deathic Darcy, Lilly Darcy, Elaine Boyak, Duke Ellington, Lol, Bouncer, Hayley and Michael.
  • This film marks the beginning of the first story arc known as Lorcan Darcy vs Equestria.

Plot Edit

First Half: Adventure into the WoodsEdit

Lorcan Darcy was accused of something he didn't do. Cillian and the brothers believe him but not everyone. He watched the t.v. Show called Talk to Talk with Danielle Darcy. He picked up the phone and reveals his name to Danielle who's in shock that her half-brothers are trouble in their care home.

Cillian's packing up because Shelley's moving him into another care home. But then one of Cillian and Lorcan's relatives car arrived and kidnapped Cillian and Lorcan.

Second Half: Adventure in Seattle Edit

Meeting Delsin and Reggie Rowe Edit

Gerald and Elly's betrayal Edit

Lorcan's goodbye mission Edit

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