Untitled drawing by elipick11pop-d6fhwqz



The Another Poster

Untitled drawing by elipick11pop-d6fhv7d

The MS Paint horror!


The Homosexual Soundtrack Cover

The EliasTimeLineRAW Movie is a symbol of autism.


1.EliasTimeLineRAW 2.Flippy 3.Pinkie Pie 4.Applejack 5.Lumpy 6.Robin 7.Cyborg 8.(Final gay guys) Sanjay and Craig.


Elias and JanTube HD having oral.

Superandrew418 planEdit

To be a fat queer

Log.o VariationEdit

After the Universal logo finished Superandrew418 blows it up and fly away!


The movie recived a lot of negative reviews. many critics complained that the plot was terribly written and nosense.

It win 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Awards and nominationsEdit

  • Razzie Awards
    • Worst Picture
    • Worst Screen Couple (EliasTimeLineRAW and Pinkie Pie)

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