The Female Bear is an 1988 animated film



  • Pauline Collins as Rosie the Bear
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Wesley Ruggles as Tony the Bear
  • Billy Wilder as Schmendrick
  • Alfred Hitchcock as Prince Lir
  • Ray Milland as Prince Johnny
  • Cyril Ritchard as Henry I of England
  • Walter Abel as Henry II of England
  • Roderick Cook as Henry III of England
  • Jerry Fujikawa as Henry IV of England
  • Patrick Waddington as Henry V of England
  • S.N. Behrma as Henry VI of England
  • Irving Berlin as Henry VII of England
  • Frankie Cullen as Henry VIII of England
  • J. Arthur Rank as Richard I of England
  • Derek Godfrey as Richard II of England
  • Jonathan Frid as Richard III of England
  • Norman Taurog as Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York
  • Charles Chaplin as John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster
  • Geoff Dyer as Edward I of England
  • Edward Dmytryk as Edward III of England
  • Don DeFore as Edward IV of England
  • Alan Hale, Jr. as Edward V of England
  • Francis Ford Coppola as Edward, the Black Prince
  • Whit Stillman as Edward the Confessor
  • Sidney Blackmer as Harold Godwinson
  • Jimmy Durante as William the Conqueror
  • Ed Sullivan as Egbert of Wessex
  • Jim Hanson as Rollo
  • Sterling Holloway as Robert Curthose
  • Hans Conried as Stephen, King of England
  • Bill Peet as Oliver Cromwell
  • Ernest Haller as Charles I of England
  • George Raft as Charles II of England
  • Jack Oakie as Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Roscoe Karns as Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales
  • Gene Raymond as Louis XIV of France
  • George Burns as Louis XVI of France
  • Laurence Olivier as Louis XV of France
  • James Stewart as Louis XIII of France
  • Gordon MacRae as Anthony van Dyck
  • Ray Bolger as James VI and I
  • George Cukor as James II of England
  • Leo Robin as Cardinal Richelieu
  • Cary Grant as Peter the Great
  • Howard Hawks as Louis, Grand Dauphin
  • Edward Andrews as James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell
  • Bill Thompson as Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
  • Walt Disney as James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray
  • Robert Carson as William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle
  • Robert Young as Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Donald Ogden Stewart as John Calvin
  • Robert Montgomery as Martin Luther
  • John Larroquette as John, Elector of Saxony
  • Colin Kenny as Lucas Cranach the Elder
  • James C. Huffman as Philipp Melanchthon
  • Bing Crosby as Farmer
  • Rik Mayall as Thanos
  • Paul O'Grady as Mr. Freeze
  • Brian Glover as Henry Villanova
  • Ray Winstone as Bowser
  • Joe Ranft as Zorak and Vile the Bluebottle
  • Leslie Phillips as Reptillus Maximus
  • John Cleese as The Cleric
  • Donald Sutherland, Warren Mitchell, John Thaw, Ronnie Barker, Christopher Lee and Ron Moody as Velociraptors
  • Joss Ackland as Tyrannosaurus
  • Peter Cushing as Rayquaza
  • Arthur Lowe, Roy Kinnear and Gordon Jackson as King Ghidorah
  • Peter Wyngarde as Goliathon
  • Jon Pertwee as Carnotaurus
  • Peter Bowles as Albertosaurus
  • Charles Ruggles as Narrator
  • Chuck Jones as Himself (live action)

Opening ScenesEdit

  • Rosie the Bear with her Butterfly and smell the flowers.


Music by Hoyt Curtin, Chris Stuart and Mike Townend (music from Superted) and Randy Newman (from Toy Story and A Bug's Life)


  • Winter Song perfomed by Paul Carrack



  • Ben Washam, Ken Harris, Robert Givens, Bob Inman, Phil Roman, Richard Thompson, Don Towsley, Phil Duncan, Tom Ray, Ian Henderson,






Deleted ScenesEdit



September 5, 1988


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