Summary Edit

On May 31, 2016 Michael is with her partner Melinda Foster and she is a serial killer too now and she wants to torture the girl name Leah Templeton and she is crying like a little girl. In the headquarters, Jordan is gonna type in the location of what they done to Leah. Michael and Melinda says pleas leave a call. Marie is gonna tell Casey Welson, Dr.Liz, and Leo Taylor that Michael and Melinda is torturing Leah Templeton now. Now the're gonna stop Michael and Melinda for murdering Leah Templeton in the lair. Officer gonna shoot Michael in the head and put a chain on Melinda's hand and she wants to escape and she can't get out and she responds "NOOOOOO!" "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE!" and she is crying. Jordan save Leah and she is safe now. Marie, Dr.Liz, and Leo and gonna go out for a walk. Jordan, Casey, and Leah are having a hug. Marie, Dr.Liz, and Leo are very proud for bringing Leah Templeton back from Michael and Melinda from the lair and Marie, Dr.Liz, and Leo wants to go home to Marie's house for dinner. But wait, Leah Templeton wants to talk to Marie for rescuing her. Dr.Liz and Leo are waiting at the car. Leah are talking to Marie that she is been walking away. Marie wants to be best friends for Leah Templeton and Leah Templeton kisses Marie in her cheek and Leah are putting her arms around Marie's shoulder and she wants to have a dinner break at nightime. Oh, I forgot Young Casey Welson can talk to Marie in the car. Young Casey Welson wants to be best friends with Marie and Leah Templeton and Young Casey Welson said you can join with us to be friends.

Cast Edit

Halle Berry as Jordan Turner

Alice Eve as Casey Welson

Shailene Woodley as Marie Welson

Maura Grierson as Dr.Liz

Ethan Hawke as Leo Taylor

Michael Eklund as Michael Foster

Shawnee Badger as Melinda Foster

Evie Thompson as Leah Templeton

Abigail Breslin as Young Casey Welson

Quotes Edit

(The t.v is on.)

Leah Templeton: (sobbing)

Michael Foster: What's your name.

Leah Templeton: (sobbing again)

Michael Foster: What is your name.

Leah Templeton: (sobbing) Leah...Templeton!

Micheal Foster: Okay. And where are you.

Leah Templeton: (sobbing) I don't know!

Michael Foster: Right. Does I murder and you call the operator?

Leah Templeton: (sobbing) You kidnapped me!

Michael Foster: All right. Let me tell you Leah. Why I kidnap you and because your hiding under the bed. (Yelling) ANSWER ME!

Leah Templeton: (continues sobbing) NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Michael Foster: See I told you she didn't know the answer. That's why i'm here and I brought Leah Templeton right there in the chair.

Main Cast Gallery Edit

Young Casey Welson
Leah Templeton
Jordan Turner
Casey Welson-0
Marie Welson-0
Leo Taylor-0
Michael Foster-0
Melinda Foster

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