The Fun-House is a 2015 Microsoft paint film, distributed by MkShinx Pictures


The movie begins with Zeke telling Micah a story about how he faced a big, fat bully, and how his scream scared him away. That night, when the Funhouse closes, all the people are free to have fun. Zeke, Tang, Marker, Weenie, and Zand were in a turtle curling championship while Micah was with his friends. micah accidentally alerts the monkeys which head to the game. Zeke and Micah have a falling-out about the fact that Micah can't scream and Micah storms off, even though his father was sorry for what he said. Marker insists that Zeke tells the truth to Ryan or he will lose his son. When Zeke goes to talk to him, he is not home. Micah has actually walked into a green box and accidentally gets shipped, which the legend tells will take him to the wild. Zeke teams up with Tang, Marker, Nennie, and Zand. They eventually go to Canada and find Micah, but Micah is captured by Zark and his henchmen. They eventually defeat Zark and rescue Micah and dance in the fun house. The post-credits scene show Zark being piled by garbage.




The Fun-House/Trailer Transcript

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