The Koopa Wizard Chronicles is a MkShinx Studios Film made in 2015.


After being attacked by King Koopa, A koopa wizard named Wizenhimer was found by a Staraptor and his Starly children and Wizenhimer was raised by them.


Wizenheimer was holding Bulbasaur, Lucario, and Nuzleaf in the dungeon of Wizenhimer's Haunted House. Bulbasaur calls him Wizen-cheater and complained to him that he wanted to be let out. MkShinx tells him to be careful, because Wizenhimer disliked to be called names. Since Bulbasaur, Lucario, and Nuzleaf were all bored, Wizenhimer told them his life stories.

DVD OpeningEdit

  • FBI-Interpol warning screens
  • MkShinx Home Entertainment Logo
  • Now on DVD
  • Greeny Phatom: Season 1
  • Coming Soon to Computers
  • The Fun-House Trailer
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