The Little Blue Brontosaurus is an 1983 animated film. illustrated by William Stout and former Walt Kelly.


"The Little Blue Brontosaurus was a very curious young dinosaur.
"As he traveled through the forest with his brother and sister, he always loved to watch everything.
"Then one day he saw something watching him: Three giant meat-eating dinosaurs appeared in the forest, riding up to attack the young brontosaur and his brother and sister.
"This is the fantastic story of Little Blue’s escape, and of his quest to be reunited with his brother and sister and their herd.


  • Susan Sheridan as The Little Blue Brontosaurus
  • Daphne Oxenford as Little Blue's sister
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Little Blue's brother
  • Dudley Moore as The Stegosaurus
  • Jon Pertwee and Richard Briers as Turtles
  • Hannah Gordon as The Archaeopteryx
  • Penelope Keith as The Mother Ultrasaurus
  • Joe Ranft, Milton Berle and Leonard Rossiter as Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs
  • Dan Aykroyd as Dragonfly
  • William Hartnell, Jimmy Hibbert, David Jason, Brian Trueman, Edward Kesley, Terry Scott, Barry Clayton, Jack May, Richard Pearson, Peter Sallis, Michael Hordern, Allan Bardsley, Alan Titchmarsh, Don Henderson, Frank Thornton, Michael Knowles, Ballard Berkley and Tom Conti as Pterodactylus
  • Patrick Troughton, and Eric Idle as The young ultrasaurs
  • George S. Irving as Narrator

Additional VoicesEdit

  • John Carpenter
  • Myfanwy Talog
  • Mary Maddox
  • Jimmy Hibbert
  • Val Kilmer
  • Christopher Lee
  • Phil Proctor
  • Danny Mann
  • Richard Mulligan
  • Jack Riley
  • Josie Lawrence
  • Frank Welker


Music By Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe







Deleted ScenesEdit