The Loud House (Live-Action Film)
The Loud House Movie Poster
Directed By
Nicholas Stoller
Written By
Kyle Marshall
Grant Palmer
Sabrina Carpenter
Willow Shields
Rowan Blanchard
Johnny Sequoyah
Produced By
Karen Malach
Executive Producer
Brett Ratner
Film Editing By
Kirk M. Morri
Cinematography By
Trent Opaloch
Nickelodeon Movies
United States
Release Date
90 minutes
Rating PG
Distributed By
$131 million
Based on
The show by Chris Savino

The Loud House is a 2020 American live-action comedy film.


The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, an 11-year-old boy, who lives in a house with his ten sisters—Eldest sister Lori, unintelligent yet beautiful blonde Leni, aspiring rock star Luna, jokester and funny comedian Luan, energetic athlete Lynn, gloomy emo Lucy, personality-opposite twins Lana and Lola a tomboy and an bossy princess brat, shortest child and genius Lisa, and baby Lily—and how he tries to survive as the only son in the family by finding creative solutions to the ordinary and chaotic problems in the household.

Plot Edit

It is likely that Paramount's Chairman: Brad Grey and his WB's CEO: Kevin Tsujihara are both partners together to work for the upcoming live-action Loud House movie in 2017. Special guests : Catdog, Winslow, Cliff, Lube, Shriek, Rancid Rabbit, Rocko, Heffer, Filbet, Mario,luigi,princess peach,bowser (human version) ,toad,yoshi,100x nazi soldiers UK 1815 soldiers US 1863 soldiers 1814 UK and US soldiers ,nazi soldiers , 1966 batman and robin,the Joker,catwoman,the Penguin,the riddler , mad hatter ,postman pat,mr goggins,PS selby, sam waldrom,reverend timms,mrs hubbard,granny dryings, el chavo del ocho, and el chapulin colorado.


  • Cameron Boyce as Lincoln
  • Terrell Ranson Jr. as Clyde
  • Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Lori
  • Rowan Blanchard as Leni
  • Denyse Tontz as Luna
  • Stefanie Scott as Luan
  • Olivia Olson as Lynn
  • Daniella Monet as Lucy
  • Kayla Maisonet as Lana and Lola
  • Melany Ochoa as Lana#2
  • Jeada Lily Miller as Lola#2
  • Breanna Yde as Lisa
  • Mia Talerico as Lily
  • Ty Simpkins as Bobby
  • Isabella Covetti-Cramp as Ronnie Anne
  • Kelly Osborne as Mom
  • Danny DeVito as Dad
  • TBA as Carol Pingrey
  • TBA as Harold McBride
  • TBA as Howard McBride

Guest Cast Edit

  • TBA as Leonardo
  • TBA as Michelangelo
  • TBA as Raphael
  • TBA as Donatello
  • TBA as Casey
  • TBA as Apriel O'Neil
  • TBA as Bepop
  • TBA as Rocksteady
  • TBA as George Liquor American
  • TBA as Iron Man/Tony Stark
  • TBA as Hulk
  • TBA as Thor
  • TBA as Captain America/Steve Rogers
  • Tom Hollowman as Spider Man/Peter Parker
  • TBA as Shredder
  • TBA as Jon Bon Jovi
  • TBA as Black Widow/Natasha Romano
  • leonardo Takeda as adolf hitler the villain of the nazi party


WW2 studiosEdit

  • Godzilla, Sanda, and Gaira will appear in the theater where Lincoln and Carol went to see the movie