The MkShinx Movie is one of MkShinx's films

The MkShinx Movie
Directed by: MkShinx
Produced by: MkShinx
Written by: MkShinx
Runtime:  ??? mins.
Country: United States
Language: English
Distributed by: MkShinx Pictures
Released on: 2014
Rating: PG
Sequels: The MkShinx Movie 2
The MkShinx Movie 3: Secret of the Legendary


Somebody has stolen The Toy, and MkShinx, Stinky, Billy, Larry, Aldrea, Harold, Froabble, Flamebar, Sam and the whole gang have to get it back.


Madi and her friends were at the toy store looking at a toy. When they get home, there was a News report saying that the toy was stolen. MkShinx and her friends had to get the toy fast. When they were going somewhere, MkShinx found the toy that was not the stolen one. MkShinx examined it, but soon she got surrounded by cops. Harold tried to catch up to the police truck, but it was too late. Meanwhile, in jail, MkShinx was weeping

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