The MkShinx Movie 3: Secret of the Legendary is the third sequel to The MkShinx Movie.


The last Legendary egg has been stolen by King Koopa, and if the egg is destroyed, all the Pokémon would go extinct!


Yveltal is checking on his egg and finds out the egg was stolen by King Koopa! MkShinx, Stinky, Tim the Cave, Oogtar, Xerneas, and Twilight Sparkle go on a journey to get the egg back. At the Lava Pits, they found the egg. MkShinx rescues the egg, and the egg hatches into an Xerneas and Yveltal. The baby Yveltal picks up King Koopa and drops him into the lava. The gang came back home and played tag in the backyard.

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