The Puppets Movie Teaser Poster

Poster parodying the 2015 film Vacation.

The Puppets Movie is a upcoming independent adult animated flash comedy film based on the web series Puppets by Poli Wall. The film was announced on July 5, 2015 via a comment which was posted on the final episode of Puppets titled Puppet Pals 4th of July, stating that a film of the web series Puppets would be made. The film will feature RetroFreak35 as The Red Guy, Ranger, Glovey Glove, Car Salesman, Glove World Security Guard, BarfBart as Little Boy, & National Reader Software as Ms. Crow. Unlike the web series, Harrison Wyrick will not reprise his role as The Red Guy.


The Red Guy (RetroFreak35), wanting to spend more time with Ms. Crow (National Reader Software) and Little Boy (BarfBart), decides to lead on a cross-country expedition from the Arkansas area to the Atlanta amusement park Glove World, billed as "America's Favorite Family Fun Park." Little Boy wants to fly, but Red Guy insists on driving, so he can bond with his family. He has ordered a new car in preparation for the trip, but the dealer (RetroFreak35) claims that it will not be ready for six weeks. Red Guy is forced to accept a 1983 Kingol Equestrian, an ugly, out-sized coupe, as the car he brought to trade in has already been hauled away and crushed. But Little Boy thinks the police are trying to arrest him again, as Red arrested he went to jail, but he escape from jail for three times.


RetroFreak35 as Red Guy, Ranger, Glovey Glove, Car Salesman, Glove World Security Guard

BarfBart as Little Boy

Natural Reader Software as Ms. Crow


BarfBart as Rick and Morty RetroFreak35 as Muscle Man


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