Summary Edit

The year in 2016, in Denver Colorado in the emergency station. Elizabeth Kirk is the operator and she can call for help and she is a good operator. After school Laura wants to go back and she wants to prepare for dinner. Laura saw her and she is crying like scary dead girl name Melinda Foster. Laura wants to call 911 and she needs to redial the phone. After she redial on her phone, Melinda screams and tackles her and take her to the buildings. Melinda Foster are taking Laura to the lair and she stops. Melinda Foster the Scary Dead Girl says don't redial the phone.

Cast Edit

Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Kirk - The Operator

Abigail Hargrove as Laura Woods

Shawnee Badger as Melinda Foster

The Redial (2016 Films)
Julia Roberts
Paramount 100th Years
United States
Release Date
June 4, 2016
Filming Location
Denver Colorado

Main Cast Gallery Edit

Elizabeth Kirk
Melinda Foster-1
The Redial (2016 Films)
Laura Woods

Quotes Edit

(Four Years Later)

(School Bell Rings students leaves)

(Laura went back home and she wants to fix the dinner.)

(Laura wants to call 911 for the emergency.)

Elizabeth Kirk: 911.

Laura Woods: Hello. Um. There's something going on.

Melinda Foster: (CRYING) (WAILING)

Elizabeth Kirk: All right and press end call and redial on your phone.

Laura Woods: All right end call and redial.

Elizabeth Kirk: Very good Laura.

Melinda Foster: (SOBBING) (SCREAMING)

Elizabeth Kirk: Wait Laura? Laura! (Sigh)

(Melinda Foster tackles after she redial on her phone and Melinda press end call button and she grabs Laura and she is taking her to the house)

(Elizabeth wants to call the police to find Melinda Foster where she is taken)

Elizabeth Kirk: Officer find Melinda Foster in Laura's house.

(Officer finds Melinda's footprint and and they found the clue)

Officer: Elizabeth I got the clue.

Elizabeth Kirk: What clue?

Officer: It's Melinda's Footprint where she is walking.

Elizabeth Kirk: Very good, now keep finding.

Officer: Yes ma'am.

(Officer wants to keep finding the crime.)

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