The Resistance is a science-fiction action film directed by Henry Woods,starring Frederick Johnson, Steven Alberts, and others.It began development during 2009,on 2014 it was announced to be released on 2020.A sequel is currently under development as of 2028.

Plot Edit

The year is 3001,Michael Douglas,Mike for short,is a 15 year old teenager,lives a happy life,until Emperor Seth takes control of his country.His family is requested to pay a huge debt to boost Seth's military and economy.His family.refusing to pay 120,000 British pounds,are forced to work as miners and farmers to be able to pay the money needed.

But while the soldiers stormed Mike's home,a soldier pushed Mike,and he fell into a garbage vent,and into a garbage cart.The garbage man pulls the cart to the garbage truck,but as he pulls the cart,4 figures jump from the shadows,and pull Mike out of the cart,and run away .The 4 figures try to pull Mike into a van,but he refuses,but the oldest of the 4 convinces Mike to get in the van.Mike gets in the front seat,and the 4 introduce themselves,Lauren a 17 year old girl,Claudia a 13 year old girl,Derek a 30 year old man,and Charles an 18 year old man.

He figures out that they are The Resistance,their goal is to overthrow Emperor Seth,and return Britain from his tyrannical ways,and have selected Mike to aid them as the last major member of The Resistance.

But as they turn a corner to get to the Mall to meet with the other major members,a Jet-Copter:a helicopter without a propeller,and instead a jet engine,spots them,and identifies them as The Resistance using a camera.The Jet-Copter starts chasing the van,and fires its deadly laser cannons,barely missing them twice.Derek sets the mode on his plasma rifle to "Anti-Aircraft",and tells Charles to open the roof of the van,and shoots the Jet-Copter,barely missing it.The Jet-Copter fires its laser miniguns,and makes a few holes in the van before having to reload.Charles gets out his plasma destroyer,and shoots the Jet-Copter,scraping the side of it.Charles turns the car quickly to the left,and Derek jumps up,and shoots the Jet-Copter's side,making it crash its side into a building,and into the ground,creating a path of debris and rubble,the pilot presses eject,and tumbles out of the Jet-Copter.

Meanwhile,Mike and co. reach the mall,and head to a cafe for coffee.


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