The Scottish Adventures Of Zig Zig

Directed by Ward Kimball
Produced by Walt Disney
Written by Olly Johnston
Screenplay by Buena Vista Distribution
Story by Carol Boyce
Narrated by Alan Young

Christopher Connelly Margret Hamilton Judy Garland Sterling Holloway Lucille Bliss

Eleanor Audley
Music by Johnny Robinson
Editing by Buena Vista Distribution
Studio Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution
Release date(s) November 14 1945
Running time 50 Minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $44.000,00
 The Scottish Adventures Of Zig Zig is an american animated feature film made by walt disney animation studios in 1945, it was directed by ward kimball walt disney's animator himself. It was premired in theaters on November 14 1945. In 2002, the film became a two disc special edition DVD, and later in 2008 it became a platinum edition DVD.

Characters/Voice ActorsEdit

Zig Zig - voiced by Christopher Connelly

Scottish Buck Tooth Bill - voiced by Sterling Holloway

Jessie O Malley - voiced by Lucille Bliss

Maddie Mercher  - voiced by Margret Hamilton

Emily Johnson - voiced by Judy Garland

Officer Starla Jane Smith - voiced by Eleanor Audley

The Narrator & The Musician - voiced by Alan Young

List Of Songs Edit

The Main Title/Theme

Good Morning Scotland

If That Buck Tooth Man Can Play Scottish Music

Here Comes Officer Starla Jane Smith

My Sad Story Of Me

Your'e Grounded

Sometimes I Need To Forget About It

Im A Cowgirl Not A Cowboy

I Must Find Them And Bring Them Back

Let's Keep Traveling Around Near Scotland

Ending Theme