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The Team Fortress 2 Movie is a 2018 American Computer Animated adventure comedy film based on the hit PC game Team Fortress 2. It focuses on a team called Team Fortress going on an adventure to save their home, Mann Co., from robots created by Mann Co. CEO Gray Mann.


  • Gary Schwartz as Heavy
  • Dennis Bateman as Pyro and Spy
  • David Warner as Gray Mann


After many requests, Valve decided it was a good idea to make a full length Team Fortress 2 Movie. They decided not to use the whole team because they felt there would be "too many stories to tell". The voice actors of Heavy, Pyro, and Spy were selected to reprise their roles, though some of the characters' lines are reused from the game.


  • The film is animated in the same style as the Meet The Team videos.
  • The Team Fortress roster is the same as the one in Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed.
  • David Warner uses Rob's Dr. Wrecker voice when he voices Gray Mann.