The Toy Prince is an upcoming 2015 fantasy film and sequel, The Toy Princess. Produced by Storm Films, it will releases on March 13, 2015.


Taken before and in between, The Toy Princess, the movie follows Matthew Ethan,(aka The Toy Prince) and how he deal with being a toy and his interaction with Emily Ryan, along with stopping an evil doll.


  • Ryan Short as Matthew Ethan, the Toy Prince, and main protagonist.
  • Angela Poehler as Emily "Emma" Ryan, The Toy Princess, and Matthew's love interest. 
  • Bella Allen as Meg, Emma's best friend.
  • Mark McChain as West, Matthew' best friend who is a toy knight.
  • Stephanie Hills as Polly Molly, the second   antagonist
  • Henry Hills as Bobby Robby, the main  antagonist
  • Mike Oliver as Palo Ethan, Matthew's cousin
  • Sabrina Willams as Toy Potts, a toy doll


Storm Collins consider a sequel to The Toy Princess after the release date was change to May 16, 2014 from March 13, 2015. His idea for a sequel film would follow The Toy Prince before and in between the event of first film. It was announced later on that the sequel entitled The Toy Prince would released on March 13, 2015, . The film will follow The Toy Prince and how he was cruse to be a toy. All of the main cast is set to return.

The MPAA gave the film a "PG" rated for some rude humor.

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