The White Female Pony 2 is an animated film



  • Josie Lawrence as The White Female Pony
  • Peter Hawkins as The Brown Male Pony
  • Groucho Marx as Captain America
  • Gummo Marx as Charlie the Wizard
  • Zeppo Marx as James the Donkey
  • Gregg Marx as Brock the Donkey
  • Arthur Marx as Alan the Horse
  • Bill Marx as Adam the Wizard
  • Bob Marx as Alex the Horse
  • Edgar Bergen as Henry the Horse
  • Hans Conried as Gordon the Horse
  • Orson Welles as Edward the Horse
  • Paul Whiteman as Uncle the Horse
  • Rudy Vallée as Oliver the Donkey
  • Bob Burns as Angus the Wizard
  • Joe E. Brown as Anthony the Wizard
  • Jerry Colonna as Arnold the Wizard
  • Jule Styne as Barry the Wizard
  • Mel Blanc as Bart the Wizard
  • Joseph Kearns as Ben the Wizard
  • Gale Gordon as Benjamin the Wizard
  • Sheldon Leonard as Benny the Wizard
  • Sammy Jackson as Bill the Wizard
  • Zeke Canova as Billy the Wizard
  • Herbert Yates as Blake the Wizard
  • Bob Hope as Bobby the Wizard
  • Bing Crosby as Bruno the Wizard
  • Ray Milland as Bryan the Wizard
  • William Ross Howard III as Buck the Wizard
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower as Butch the Wizard
  • Richard Nixon as Byron the Wizard
  • Ronald Reagan as Carl the Wizard
  • J. Edgar Hoover as Carny the Wizard
  • Jim Ameche as Bowser
  • Abe Burrows as Albert Wesker
  • Cy Feuer as Doctor Doom
  • George Tobias as Alex Mercer
  • Thomas A. Carlin as Ganondorf
  • George Mathews as Shao Kahn
  • Rene Paul as Magneto
  • Joe Ranft as Kaos
  • Lehman Engel as Tai Lung
  • Philip J. Lang as Achilles Davenport
  • Russell Nype as Metal Sonic
  • Richard Armbruster as Count Dracula
  • Martin Wolfson as General Shepherd
  • William Goldenberg as Darth Malgus
  • Marvin Hamlisch as Steven Armstrong
  • George Roy Hill as M. Bison
  • Bob Avian as Quentin Beck/Mysterio
  • Gene Castle as Tabuu
  • Paul Charles as Master Xehanort
  • Robert Fitch as Scorpion
  • Robert Iscove as Shang Tsung
  • George Nejame as Akuma
  • Charles Rule as Demise


Music By Randy Newman

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