The White Female Seal is an 1988 animated film directed by Chuck Jones.



  • Pauline Collins as The White Female Seal
  • Casey Kasem as Shaggy and Alexander Cabot III
  • Don Messick as Scooby-Doo
  • Micky Dolenz as Skip Gilroy
  • Tommy Cook as Augie Anderson
  • Joe Ranft as Gilly
  • Jerry Dexter as Ted
  • Otto Preminger as Sergeant Flint
  • Cary Grant, Freddie Prinze and Alan Rickman as The Three Robonic Stooges
  • Henry Corden as Fred Flintstone
  • John Thaw as Ed Huddles
  • Al Pacino as Bubba McCoy
  • Dustin Hoffman as Space Ghost
  • Ted Demme as Corey Anders
  • David Duchovny as Henry Glopp
  • Laurence Olivier as Babu
  • Maurice LaMarche as Popeye
  • Susan Sheridan as Popeye Jr.
  • Susan Blu as Flim Flam
  • Vincent Price as Vincent Van Ghoul
  • Robert Altman as Tinker
  • Peter Bogdanovich as Mark
  • Lennie Weinrib as Inch High
  • Albert Finney as Gator
  • Scatman Crothers as Hong Kong Phooey
  • Harrison Ford as Zandor
  • John Huston as Jack
  • Mel Blanc as Space Ace, Billy Boys and Speed Buggy
  • Brad Pitt as Fangs
  • Billy Wilder as Biff
  • Richard Burton as Puggsy
  • Sidney Poitier as Mickey
  • Charlton Heston as Billy Joe
  • Barry Gordon as Clamhead
  • Bob Holt as Grape Ape
  • Gary Owens as The Blue Falcon
  • Christopher Lee as Leopard Seal
  • Hamilton Camp as Shark
  • David Jason as Dinoshark
  • Paul Winchell as Goober, Dick Dastardly and Gargamel
  • Robin Lyons as Black Knight
  • Allan Melvin as Bluto
  • David Markus as Tank
  • Paul Lynde as The Hooded Claw
  • Victor Spinetti as Texas Pete
  • Frank Welker as Bulk
  • Melvyn Hayes as Skeleton
  • Gary Trousdale as Old Prisoner
  • Larry Gelbart as Narrator


Music By Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson, Chris Stuart and Mike Townend


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March 7, 1988