Scene 1: Tiff and Tuff's song Edit

  • Shows 2010 Fox logo.
  • Shows 2013 Blue Sky logo.
  • (fades into Tiff and Tuff on a black background)
  • Tiff and Tuff: Pattycake, pattycake, bakers make
  • bake us a cake as fast as you can!
  • Roll it, smear it, pat it
  • and put it in the oven for both of us!
  • (a bell is heard ringing)
  • (Tiff and Tuff do their Kabuki poses)
  • Tiff and Tuff: (doing the poses) Yay!
  • (fade to black)
  • text: FOX FAMILY FILMS presents
  • text: a BLUE SKY STUDIOS film
  • text: TIFF and TUFF

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