Trilogy (temporarily known as The Untitled Trilogy Movie) is a 2015 anthology family film starring Stephen Fry as the narrator.


The story takes place involving three stories told by Stephen Fry. The first story focuses on a boy and his best friend who go to the same school go to a ComicCon and cosplay as characters. The second story focuses on a young girl trying to save a boy from being bullied. The third and final story focuses on a fourteen-year-old girl thinks that a boy who was her next-door neighbor.



The BullyEdit

The Boy Next DoorEdit


  • Stephen Fry as the Narrator


  • David Mazouz as Luis Stevens, a troubled 5th grader who loves cosplaying
  • Zach Callison as Joshua Sullivan, Luis' troublemaking best friend
  • Katie Leung as Mimi Wong, a cosplayer and Luis' love interest
  • Kaelynn Wright as Adriana Stevens, Luis' 12-year-old overreacting sister
  • Jon Cryer as Mr. Stevens, Luis' father
  • Linda Cardnelli as Mrs. Stevens, Luis' mother
  • TBA as TBA, Luis and Jack's friend

The BullyEdit

  • Grace Kaufman as Alice North, a 4th grader
  • Max Charles as Mike Hopkins, a young boy who gets bullied
  • Devan Leos as Nicholas Carter, the bully
  • Mackenzie Aladjem as Jessica Ford, a 13-year-old girl who is Alice's friend
  • TBA as Mrs. James, Alice's teacher
  • TBA as Principal Darren

The Boy Next DoorEdit

  • Katherine McNamara as Ruby Miller, a 17-year-old girl who lives with her neighbor
  • CJ Adams as Owen Newman, Ivy's neighbor
  • Piper Mackenzie Harris as Jenna Miller, Ruby's 14-year-old sister
  • TBA as Mrs. Newman, Owen's mother
  • TBA as Mr. Newman, Owen's father
  • TBA as Mrs. Miller, Ruby's mother
  • TBA as Mr. Miller, Ruby's father


There will be a sequel called Trilogy 2: The Sequel.


  • This film is 134 minutes long.
  • It references the 2012 anthology film, Frenemies.
  • It will be distributed by Universal Pictures and FamilyChoice Studios.
  • It is revealed that all kids from all three segments go to the same school.
  • Both Grace Kaufman and Devan Leos appear on the Nickelodeon original series, Deadtime Stories.
  • The Pitch: Movie 43 meets Frenemies.