(Scene cuts to the planet Earth)

  • Narrator:Tonight the entire world will be watch the Blue, Green and Purple.
  • Randall:That's Good.
  • Narrator: It's the MU Events.
  • Don:GOOAAAALLL!!!.
  • Narrator:Soccer.
  • Squishy:Attaboy guys.
  • Narrator: A ten Jumping.
  • Narrator:Gymnastics.

(Scene cuts to Blu spins around and breaks his wings)

  • Queen Tara:Oh my.

(Scene shows Mike along with Sulley and Randall with the auditions. Randall rips a paper in haif).

  • Terri:Dude you just got dissed.

(Scene cuts to Linda standing on a car hood)

  • Linda:WHAT!!!!

(Car hood opens hitting her in the face while Linda screams)

  • Narrator:Monsters Inc 3 in cinemas soon rated G.

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