Underworld V is a action film starring Jacob Lyons and Alexa Bliss as siblings Jacob and Jill Walker. The plot involves Jacob finding out he is a vampire. This one has nothing to do with Selene and Michael, but Selene is mentioned several of times.
Underworld V

Jacob Lyons

Alexa Bliss

Jensen Ackles

Dean Ambrose


Sylvester Stallone

Thomas Jane

Stephanie McMahon

Milla Jovovich
Music by Various artists
Cinematography Sylvester Stallone
Release date(s) August 17th 2016
Running time 96 minutes
Country North America
Language America


Jacob Walker lives with his 25 year old sister named Jill and learns that his sister is getting married soon so he packs up his stuff and goes back home without telling her because he didn't want her to worry and on his way home he gets shot, but seems he isn't going down so he uses his superhuman strangeth to break the guys neck. The next day Jill tries looking for him because he left without telling her and she hears a gunshot down an alley way and she sees Jacob with his revolvers out and she was terrified at what has happened is afraid of her own brother. Jill wanted an explaination of how her brother became such a thing and he said it was through a gift from Selene who gave him those vampire like abilities because he wanted to protect her. Jacob apologizes to Jill for scaring her, but it was the only way he could protect her.

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