World of Jetix Official Trailer #5

(The trailer starts, while the camera switches to Bluetown.)

(Then it swtiches to Mayor Stephen.)

  • Mayor Stephen: Feeling into battle, when Jetix Horde is attack, will rise up to be good.

(In  the background, Warner Bros. Pictures, Jetix Cinematic Universe, Original Film, Warner Bros. Animation, Paramount Pictures, Altas Entertainment and Legendary Pictures Logos appeared, Banner of Alliance and Horde.)

  • Sam: The world is crisis, if can be.
  • Slab: There is no way to defeat him!

(Then it fades to black and switches to Tree Haven.)

  • Andy Larkin: Over and rising people, i don't think what gonna do.
  • Goliath: There is hope to save our people.

(Then Ken appeared from the dark side, build all robots and activited the stat.

  • Ken: Cyberlazer is complete.
  • Krolden: Excellent, now destroy Alliance!
  • Kat: Allright, lets fucking doing this!

(The camera switches to Dan strikes at Cyberlazers.)

  • Rip: There is no way to survive!
  • Cathy Smith: History for all time, the second arrive the world is mixed.
  • Iggy Arbuckle: Whoa, so that was been cancelled.

(The background with title, From the director and creator of Independence Day, Harry Potter, Goosebumps, Friday the 13th and The Lego Movie.)

  • Narrator: From the director and creator of Independence Day, Harry Potter, Goosebumps, Friday the 13th and The Lego Movie.
  • Shade: The fuck sake Goth, I kill you!
  • Goth: Oh no you don't!
  • Master Yo: There is only have to save together, will i saw the massive generation.

(The camera switches to Yang getting smacked by Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard with their Kung Fu skills.)

(Then it switches to Alliance and Horde, standing in Bluetown.)

  • Alexander Paine: So, is that how to find Doom of Hole.
  • Crag: You thing to destroy all this town!
  •  ???: Not anymore. (evil laugh)
  • Axel Manning: What The Fuck?
  • Will Vandom: (gasp)
  • Louie Anderson: Could be?
  • Andy Larkin: Whoa!!
  • Goliath: By the God!
  • Kick Buttowski: Awww Biscuits!
  • Abe: Bloody Hell!!
  • Yin: Oh no!!
  • Yang: Jesus Christ!!
  • Kim Possible: No Way!!!
  • Shade: Who the fuck are you?
  • Chiro: Aaaaah!!!
  • The Tick: Weird!?!?!
  • Tutenstein: Holy Shit!
  • Inspector Gadget: What the name of poseidon is this!
  • Leonardo: If came be true?!

(In the background as a stretching movie title, "World of Jetix"  Appeared. The movie title flips over into "In 4D".)

  • Announcer: World of Jetix. In 4D.

Cuts to Alliance and Horde, when they saw the different characters.)

  • Coop Burtonburger: I came be true, oh the such asshole, but why.

(Cuts to the voice cast same name from Jetix.  The screen switch to "In Theaters June 17, 2018 in 4D, Digital 4D and Real D 4D" with "Also playing in 4DX" below. The screen immediately cuts to black as the trailer ends.)