World of Jetix Official Trailer #2 

(The trailer starts, while Jetix Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures. Then it fades banner of good and evil will rise in town.)

  • Announcer: Our horror can be true......

(Then it fades to Alexander Paine in the tower near the evil power.)

  • Announcer: Living peaces are over, but they river us.

(Then it fades and swtiches to army of Horde  marching.)

  • Announcer: When is cancelled, they will be revenge.
  • Zack Hawkes: Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUCK!!! There is to much to kill!
  • Crey Kingstone: Snap out dude, lets fucking outta here!

(Captain Flamingo appeared from the good side, Kim and Ron are arrived in fallen sky, when they saw these different.)

  • Kim Possible: Hey! what are doing here?
  • The Tick: We are going to adven-
  • Axel Manning: What the fuck wrong is you! We are going to find the person.
  • Ron Stoppable: Well that shit.

in the background with title, "From Legendary Pictures".)

  • Announcer: From Legendary Pictures.

(The camera switches to Captain Flamingo (the hero fan) to save the Alliance.)

  • Announcer: .....and Atlas Entertainment.
  • Captain Flamingo: What are bitch is here?

(The camera switches to Horde, the dark and pure evil will be soon.)

  • Antauri: This is horrible!
  • Sparx: Why they some fucking evil!
  • Eon Kid: Some many years they call "Jetix Horde".
  • Donatello: What!! This came be here!

(Then it switches to Sharon Spitz, The Tick, Arthur, Urban Vermin and A.T.O.M, standing inside of Horde's Lair.)

  • Axel Manning: There more lies about you!
  • Alexander Paine: Even list, CHAARGE!!

(In the background play as a stretching movie title, "World of Jetix" Appeared. The movie title flips over into "In 4D".)

  • Announcer: World of Jetix

(Cuts to the voice cast same name from Jetix.  The screen switch to "In Theaters June 17, 2018 in 4D, Digital 4D and Real D 4D" with "Also playing in 4DX" below. The screen immediately cuts to black as the trailer ends.)