(The trailer starts with the music, Ivan Torrent - Human Legacy, the talisman dragon spirit coin have fallen into sky, which means the Alliance and Horde are begins to war)

Announcer: Leaved undergalaxy by the last time.

(First silhouette of A.T.O.M. was the new suit and vehicle)

Announcer: Our main thing, will never left forgot.

(Second silhouette of Life with Louie, if means was grow up and What's With Andy? will never give up)

Announcer: For years will be return in 2018, they are no longer to be series about time and the couraged have been change.

(Third silhouette of W.I.T.C.H, they have new power of guardian, Ninja Turtles arrived the new mutant and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go have enough for this year)

Announcer: Very immortals strongers between good and evil.

(fourth silhouette of Gargoyles, Manhattan came here to save the day, Kick Buttowski is now begin new extreme, Kim Possible have the new fighting skill and Tutenstein is now the master of Egypt)

Announcer: To Fight our to be last stand.

(Fifth silhouette of Yin Yang Yo, two warriors are become masters, The Tick will be rise, Captain Flamingo, our hero must project city, Ōban Star-Racers are beginning a new tour and Silverwing are going to evolved)

Announcer: They now will be beginning the adventure and to unleashed of battlefield.

(The music stops with the eye is glow and somewhere is new enemy)

???: So, they be kind the alliance of Jetix.

Announcer: World of Jetix.

(The movie title flips over into "In 4D". Words from any cast of Jetix Characters. The screen switch to "In Theaters June 17, 2018 in 4D, Digital 4D and Real D 4D" with "Also playing in 4DX" below. The screen immediately cuts to banner of Alliance and Horde as the trailer ends.)